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#SJ1: Reanimate Roundtable
Friday, 26/Jul/2019:
10:45am - 12:15pm

Session Chair: Roopika Risam
Location: Salon 2 & 3, Grand Ballroom, Marriott City Center
capacity 108

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Reanimate: Recovering, Reviewing, and Redistributing Lost Intersectional Histories of Media

Carol A. Stabile1, Gabriela Baeza Ventura2, Adrian Driscoll3, Sarah Kember3, Trevor Munoz4, Roopika Risam5, Carolina Villarroel2

1University of Maryland; 2University of Houston; 3Goldsmiths University; 4University of Maryland; 5Salem State University

For decades, literary scholars have effectively and successfully engaged in projects of recovery. That Zora Neale Hurston and Nella Larsen are now names that successive generations of high school and college students have encountered in their studies owes to the efforts of scholars who worked to recover, review, and redistribute texts that were out-of-print, overlooked, and in some cases, forgotten. But how can innovative approaches to publishing, made possible through digital humanities methods, accelerate this process?

This roundtable brings together partners in Reanimate, a collective of digital humanists working across institutions and disciplines to examine this question. Reanimate takes as its inspiration these earlier scholarly efforts, in its own work excavating bodies of work across the twentieth century by cultural producers creating counternarratives and alternatives to the xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and homophobia of mainstream mass media. This prolific body of work by people of color and women—much of it undigitized, unpublished, and scattered across archives and out-of-print publications—amounts to a counterfactual history of cultural production, born of a political commitment to recovering this writing and reanimating the histories of cultural and media studies with previously unheard voices. Understanding media in its broadest sense (as encompassing a wide range of texts, moving images, audio, performances, etc.), the Reanimate collective is comprised of projects that seek to make counter-archives available online and in open access format. The need for open access materials featuring such work is acute, especially for public institutions that lack the resources to purchase textbooks that are costly, conservative, and slow to incorporate new perspectives or ideas.

This panel convenes partners in the collective--from Goldsmiths University Press, the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities, Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage at the University of Houston and Arte Público Press, Salem State University, and the University of Oregon. Organized as a roundtable, this panel will provide partners the opportunity to provide brief presentations describing their investments in the project and goals for the collaboration. Topics to be addressed by roundtable participants include: the ethical and practical dimensions of recovery work; constructing pipelines for publication, designing intersectional feminist workflows, financial models, and labor models; challenges of e-book production and distribution; decision-making with Text Encoding Initiative standards and web solutions; the affordances of multilingual textual recovery; managing hosting and server side administration for a distributed network of collaborators. Six panelists will speak for 10 minutes on topics above, followed by 60 minutes time reserved for conversation with the audience about the collaboration and the overlap between the dimensions of the project identified by the speakers.

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